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Alexis Prince
is a Tiffany trained bench jeweler and a wire artist whose work includes wire wrapping, wire weaving and heady or layered style designs. Alexis also enjoys the lapidary arts and cuts and polishes many of the cabochons seen in her pieces.

Alexis teaches classes from beginner to advanced in different styles as well a providing tutorials and a Facebook Group with live presentations, videos, and photo tutorials.

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I have been interested in gemstones and jewelry design for as long as I can remember. I loved looking through the "fancy" magazines at the doctors office as a child and all I wanted to look for were the high end jewelry ads. I just loved them and always though "I can do that." In my 20's I was lucky enough to work in a jewelry house for Tiffany & Company. The rigid protocols taught me a lot and I am forever grateful for that experience. During my time in NY I also work for other production jewelry houses- oh it was so much fun and I eventually settled in to work for Gail Rothstein Design and for that period of time I was her sole jeweler. This was a ton of fun as her pieces where like puzzles and I got to explore a lot of avenues of being a bench jeweler and playing with jewelry design. She was a joy to work with and I still love her designs to this day. I soon moved back to California and worked for other jewelry houses over the years from bench work to wire work as well as stringing and beading. My love of rough material, crystals and gemstones grew and still today is a huge inspiration for my work. I am a member of my local gem and mineral society and participate in local Northern California gem and mineral trade shows. I started Wire and Stones in 2013 with my sister under the name Minn and Madeline after our grandmother and great aunt. As I integrated lapidary into my bag of tricks I put together Wire and Stones. Here I settle in happily, working with weaving wire and cutting and polishing stones, trying new techniques and happily working in the craft of my early childhood dreams. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do.

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Wire Jewery Classes & Tutorials

Let's Make Something Great.

Join me for beginning through advanced wire jewelry classes and tutorials.

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Wire Weave, Wire Wrap, Heady Design Classes + Tutorials

I offer a variety of classes for beginners through advanced. The Beginning Wire Wrapping of a Crystal and Cabochon that I taught for Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy before their doors closed is in the process of being redesigned and will be available soon. All other classes to follow! In the meantime check out my facebook group, info listed below or click the yellow button above.

Please note that at this time (3/2023) All classes are on hold-I'm Moving! Buttons/Links to purchase will appear when the classes are available. Feel free to reach out at any time.

Beginning Wire Wrap Jewlery

This class explores types of wire and their use, tools, how to select a stone and wire for a piece, basics of jewelry design theory, stone medicine and features videos tutorials for wrapping crystals and cabochons, patina and cleaning your pieces.

Intermediate Wire Wrapping with Beginning Wire Weave Elements

This class explores different levels and dimensions of wire wrapping and introduces woven bails. Class 1 is recommended as a pre-requisite but not required. Self taught will do great!

Wire Weave Jewelry

This is a beginning wire weave jewelry class where you will earn different weaves and how to use them to create a bezel for your stone(s). Multiple bails, wire, tools, process and technique.

Beginning Heady/Layered Wire Jewelry Design

This Class is for the more advanced student. We will explore techniques for a layered or heady design, process, planning, frames, weaves, and application.

Mountain Flower Tutorial

This is a beginning to intermediate wire wrap tutorial. It features a wire wrapped cabochon design with ornate decoration and bead dangle and some hammer work. Hammer work is demonstrated but not taught in this tutorial. The hammer work is optional though recommended.
wire wrap tutorial

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Sort through numberous video tutorials for wire weaving, wrapping and heady design, also bails. This group is currently free but will be changing to a subscription some time during summer 2023 with weekly lives, Live Q and A sessions and so much more.
Wire Wrap, Wire Weaves Q and A, and Cabochons for Wire Wrapping

**Featured Tutorial/Lesson this month:

Wire Wrapped Cabochon with Wire Weave Overlay.**
Date: Available NOW in 4 parts on the group page.

wire wrap tutorial

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McBean Park, Lincoln Ca

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Sat & Sun June 24-25, 2023
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Roseville Rock Rollers 61th Annual "Natures Wonders" Gem & Mineral Show

Saturday & Sunday August 5-6, 2023
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