Samhain, Halloween + Blue Moon 2020

Samhain, Halloween + Blue Moon 2020
samhaim, halloween, blue moon 2020
What a wonderful time of year, the veil is thinning and many of us can feel our ancestors all around us. From sunset Oct 21 through sunset Nov 1 we celebrate Samhain.  Samhain is ancient Celtic (seasonal) festival to mark the end of the harvest and to remember the dead that is celebrated from sunset on October 31 to sunset on November 1. It is held at the time of year when the boundary between this world and the world of the dead is considered to be at its thinnest and can most easily be crossed, and the souls of the dead return to the world of the living for one night to revisit their homes and seek hospitality. It is thus related to (and coincides with) the Christian celebrations of Hallowtide or Halloween (Oct 31) and All Saints Day which is on Nov 1. It also coincides with Dia de los Muertos or the Day of the Dead festivals in Mexico celebrated Oct 31 - Nov 2. 
This year we have the spectacular addition of a Blue Moon, this is the first full moon on Halloween in 76 years! This will be the second full moon this month which only happens every two and a half years on average. The second of these moon is a "Blue Moon." It will be 100% illuminated on Halloween 2020 and won't occur again until 2039, 2058, and 2096! Wow think about that! I know I will be out with my camera, my "tools" of the trade and in ceremony soaking up that amazing mix of energies!

The full Halloween Moon of 2020 will be at its 100% illumination at 10:49 am EDT and is technically a Full Halloween Hunter's Blue Moon! 
As we understand it, this is the time that the veils between worlds are at their thinnest, as mentioned above. We are halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, a turning point in the season when we prepare for the cool months and shorter days. Symbolically, this is a turning point in the season that invites each of us to go inward and reflect upon our relationships with ourselves.
  • What is within you that you want to nurture, cultivate or heal?
  • What is your relationship with your intuition, your roots and your inner compass?
  • What is holding you back? Self induced blocks?
This Halloween’s blue moon is in the earthy sign of Taurus, an excellent sign to help you explore these questions. Taurus is powerfully rooted in the magic of the earth. It understands the mysteries of nature and honors the gifts of the cycles and seasons. It helps us to get centered and rooted within the potential of our own hearts, minds and bodies. Take some time to go within and explore these questions as well as any questions you are drawn to explore.

Conjunct Uranus, the change-maker, October’s blue moon is going to help you shake things up in an area of your life where you’ve felt stuck.

Some ideas for Ways to Celebrate:

Pumpkin Carving:
We don't often think of pumpkin carving as a ritual but it is! Select your pumpkin, I like to go to a farm and walk around until I find the one or ones that I am drawn to. A baking pumpkin is always nice as you can extend the ritual by baking it the next day! Carve your symbols or a face into the pumpkin, any imagery that feels right to you, inside the pumpkin sprinkle a mix of herbs (see below) and crystals, annoint your candle, votive or tea lights. Remember to set your intention before carving, sprinkling of the herbs and dressing the candle. Place it where it feels right to you outdoors. By the front and back doors is always good! 

Herbal Blend for Samhain:
Cinnamon, Sage, Ginger, Calendula flower, All spice, deadly nightshade, Rosemary, Thistle, Wormwood, Mandrake, Calendula.
* any combination of these items will do. You may have some or all, use the ones you are drawn to.

Essential Oil Blend:
4 Drops of Cinnamon
3 Drops of Sage
2 Drops of Ginger

Other oils you may use: copal, sandlewood, Heliotrope, Sweetgrass.

Samhain/Halloween Alter:
Acorns, apples, Black candles, Brooms, Carved pumpkins, fall flowers, leaves, nuts and berries, photos of deceased loved ones and pomegranates.

Colors and Candles:
Black, gold, orange, purple, Silver, white

Obsidian * I only recommend working with black obsidian IF You are used to working with it.
Smokey Quartz

Here is a Samhain Prayer from Brooke Smith (Pinterest):

The veil grows thin at the time of the dead, 
As we honor our long-gone ancestors,
In whose footsteps we tread.
Life retreats into the bulbs and the roots,
The time has passed for the flowers and the fruits,
As leaves fall thick and carpet the ground,
the Dark Mother waits in silence profound.
Now is the time for the apple feats,
Time stands still for humans and beasts,
Seek the wisdom of days gone by,
To deal with the past and let it lie.
Face your shadow and accept faults,
Look now to the future to seek your results.

Remember that Samhain supports your personal growth. Focus on Embracing the Darkness and remember that magic is born of the darkness. Gaze inside the darkness you fight to hide and see what is there for you to look at. Go within and find these answers.

Release whatever needs to go. Let the outer world go and make space for the new.

A time of nurturing. This is divine timing as we enter the yin or feminine timing of the year. This energy is gently and nurturing, embrace your intuitive self at this time.

Allow yourself to rest and be open to receive what comes through.

Fun Family Ritual For Honoring Our Ancestors:
* Find more at

Decorate your dining table perhaps in the way of the alter mentioned above. Prepare a family meal with winter fruits and root vegetables, dark breads, cider or wine. Always invoke your guardians to any ritual or celebration. I like to surround the space and people in golden white light, and cover it with pink so that only love can come in and we only radiate love out. Call in the angels of the 4 directions, your gatekeeper guides and other guides you may work with for protection and ceremony. Be sure at the end of your ceremony to thank the spirits for coming and state that they now must go.

Here is a lovely ritual opening statement I found online. 

This is the night when the gateway between
our world and the spirit world is thinnest.
Tonight is a night to call out those who came before us.
Tonight we honor our ancestors.
Spirits of our ancestors, we call to you,
and we welcome you to join us for this night.
We know you watch over us always,
protecting us and guiding us,
and tonight we thank you.
We invite you to join us and share our meal.

Have the oldest member of the family serve the meal, including a plate for the ancestors (if you like). 

After the meal pass around a glass of cider or wine (or in the event of covid pour one each). Have each person state who they are I am Alexis, daughter of Joan, daughter of...etc. Try to go back as many generations as you can. Be sure to honor adoptive and biological families. After the cup has made it around the table, place it by the ancestors plate. 

Have the youngest member of the family state:

This is the cup of remembrance.
We remember all of you.
You are dead but never forgotten,
and you live on within us.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Let us know of ways that you celebrate Samhain and Halloween. Remember its always best to write your own statements and prayers these are to give ideas or to be used but totally up to you! Enjoy the season! 


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