Peace + Healing Gem Elixir Aromatherapy Spray

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Peace + HealingGem Infused Aromatherapy Spray for calm, balance, de-stressing and healing. Excellent for any situation surrounding needing to find balance and calm. Great to spray around the house before the kids get home from school or when you are settling down after a day at work. Excellent support for bringing peace and healing.

Spray this unique blend over your head/body or around your home, office, sacred space, car, etc. This particular blend was created in the Friday 13, 2018 New Moon for the added energy of the new moon and its believed influences on manifestation, planting "seeds" and working towards higher goals. A great addition to any manifestation practice you may use in bringing about abundance, prosperity, and success. Great when paired with natural crystals and crystal grids.

Make with:
- Gem infused elixir
- Essential Oils
- Herbal Tincture
- Natural Crystals
- Reiki Infused


Size: 2 oz
Price: $15.00

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