Shimmering Citrine Body Scrub, Crystal Infused Body Scrub, Sugar Scrub

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I put together some of my favorite moisturizing body oils for all our crystal infused blends. This one contains sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and fatty acids that benefit the skin as well as organic sugar, Mica, and epsom salts. Vitamin E is a tough antioxidant that will help protect against UV radiation. It does a great job of keeping your skin cells healthy and minimizing fine lines. The fatty acids contained in sweet almond oil provide outstanding moisturizing benefits and help heal the skin. It has a lovely scent that you won't be able to get enough of! Goes on smooth and silky, you won't believe how good your skin looks! This product contains a tumbled rose quartz stone to infuse it with the natural crystals vibration. It is also Reiki and sound infused.

8 oz



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