Smudge Candle, Sacred Space and Protection Intention Candles

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Round Glass Container with lid, Smudge Sacred Space Clearing & Protection Candle. 100% Soy wax, organic herbs, pure essential oils, flowers and natural crystals specifically designed for clearing a space of negative energy and for protection by transmuting energy. Handcrafted and Reiki infused. These candles are great for placing by the doors of your home, in the four corners of your home (keep it safe and clear of flammables) in your sacred space, or any room you feel is right. This is a serious smudging and protection candle all ingredients were put together specifically with this in mind. The scent from this candle is light and a blend of lavender, sage, rosemary and rose. It does not contain candle scents. 


*crystal prescription/healing gemstones/talisman jewelry interpretations are not medical cures, advise, or remedies, they are based on interpretation of energy properties of the individual stones and are subject to interpretation.

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